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Businesses of all sizes can now access

Cyber awareness training,

tracking and assessment

The majority of cyber security incidents are related to human error. Recent evidence shows that employee behaviour—be it clicking on a malicious link, or poor password safety—is responsible for more than two-thirds of cyber-attacks. Research also shows that security threats can be reduced significantly by providing the right cyber awareness training to employees. 

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Strengthen your 'human firewall' and

raise cyber security awareness for your team.

The BOXX Academy is designed to help Cyberboxx™ members reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack through employee training. The Academy combines videos and interactive material, as well as refresher modules, to help keep cyber security front of mind. 

Features include:

Training relevant to each individual's level of cyber awareness

  • Content is concise, relevant, and is provided at regular intervals, saving time for employees while reinforcing key messages.

  • The continual nature of the training also helps to combat complacency and ensures that employees are equipped to deal with this ever-changing threat.

Ability to test comprehension and track employee progress

  • Each module finishes with a short test to confirm that the content has been clearly understood. 

  • The progress of all employees can be monitored by your own administrator.

A hassle-free experience

  • The Academy is accessible on any device, and with each learning module being short and concise, employees can complete the training at a time and setting that suits them.

  • Instructional videos provide users and administrators with the information they need to complete their training.

A far-reaching defence against cyber threats

  • The BOXX Academy features nine learning modules.

  • Subjects include protecting personal information, social engineering attempts, phishing and password safety.

Details on how to access the BOXX Academy are included in the documents provided to new or renewing Cyberboxx™ members.

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