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Be prepared. Even on the go.

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Outsmarting cyber risk together.

Whether your business has two or two hundred PCs, your data is exposed to online threats. Being aware of digital loopholes that hackers love is the first step in being digitally healthy. Unlike other  insurance policies, Cyberboxx™ helps you actively stay ahead of threats

And you can access this all at your fingertips.

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Being Digitally Healthy is now simpler for all size of businesses

BOXX Mobile, powered by Bitsight, makes it easy to gain deep, risk contextualized insight into the cybersecurity risk performance or digital health of your business. Simply give us your website address and we’ll give you deep, continuous risk insight - spanning the risk indicators that hackers love, and make it simple to understand in a simple score.

Making it easy to stay ahead

Whether your business has 2 or 200 PCs, your data is exposed to online threats. Protecting your data from system failure is the first step in data protection. Are you also protected against fire and/or theft? If you did lose your data for any reason, how quickly can you retrieve it? Can you retrieve it at all? Protect your servers, applications, desktops and laptops from any disaster by directly backing up your business critical data into our cloud.

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See the Invisible


With the APP,  you will have the ability to see blind-spots and make risk decisions fast and take action at your fingertips.

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Save Time and Money


Enable your team to focus and address external facing vulnerabilities faster. Plus access to analytics and support to assist with your problems, questions and requests relating to your rating.

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Boosting Data Privacy Compliance


BOXX Mobile gives you the deep, continuous risk insight necessary to reduce the chance of costly privacy breaches and how to close them

Your Digital Health Tracker

in Four Simple Steps:

Start With Your Website Address





Starting with your website address, analysts build a core profile of the company identifying the company's internet-facing assets—systems, networks, and domains.

Analyze Security Criteria





Then we analyze the company and its systems against proven risk indicators.

BOXX Score Rating





Finally, analysts distill the complexity of the assessed criteria into a simple score rating supported by risk indicators using a letter scale of A to F.

Profile Complete!





That’s all it takes. You can start tracking your company’s digital health.

What kind of information does the BOXX Score collect?

The technology and data from BOXX Insurance and its partners is used to help businesses get a fair understanding of their cyber risk – their digital health. Your digital health tracker collects information about how vulnerable your online presence is, along with other risk factors to calculate your BOXX Score. We use that information to work out your company's level of digital health. Don't worry, we only share the information with the data companies who provide the services - your information won't be sold or shared with anyone else. If your digital health is good, the information collected can help you be a more resilient business.

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Meet the new and improved App

Your feedback and our experience at the coveted Lloyd’s of London Lab has helped us redesign and add new features to improve your app experience.


What’s new?


  • New look and feel.

  • Improved navigation

  • New Workbench to track your digital fitness

  • Easier access to your Online dashboard

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More Plug-and-Play Services for your

Cyberboxx: Business Edition Membership:

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Employee Cyber Training

Designed to protect you and your employees from digital crime and threats targeting your business.

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Managed Firewall And Monitoring

We help ensure you recover from a cyber incident with our quick and easy cyber coverage.

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Back-Ups And Data Recovery

Costs of experts to help you respond to traumatic ransom demands and abuse.

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