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Give your clients the power of all-in-one Cyber Protection and Insurance 

Become a preferred Cyberboxx broker to rate, quote and bind Cyber in minutes.

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All-in-one Cyber Protection & Insurance means giving clients:


+  The power to PREDICT cyber events

+  The tools to PREVENT breaches

+  A team that RESPONDS appropriately 

    should an incident occur, often without

    resorting to claim.

We were made in Canada.
We know cyber insurance.

We can help you deliver the best answers to your problems and design customized insurance to align with your core brand and offer them in the most intuitive and simple way.


Hours to develop the BOXX product suite and platform.


Partners in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

120 seconds

Amount of time it takes to quote and bind cyber using our platform.

rated insurance

Backed by syndicates at Lloyd’s of London and A-rated global insurers.

“Cyberboxx is a game changer given the rise in number and sophistication of cyber threats.”

- Imran Ahman, partner and national cybersecurity leader, Blakes LLP

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