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Resolve cyber security incidents

simply, quickly, and efficiently

Your business is your top priority. At best, cyber attacks are a distraction. At their worst, they can cripple your operations.


Cyberboxx™ has dedicated 24/7 cyber incident responders to help you quickly investigate cyber incidents and thoroughly remediate the environment, so you can get back to what matters most: your business. We have a deep understanding of both existing and emerging threat actors and their rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures.

Our consultants combine investigative and remediation expertise with industry-leading threat intelligence and network and endpoint technology to help you with a wide range of activities — from technical response to crisis management. Whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 endpoints, the Hackbusters™ can get you back up and running in a matter of hours, analyzing your networks for malicious activity. All to help you get back to business as usual with confidence.

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Complete Cyber Incident Response

From investigation to crisis management, the Hackbusters™ help resolve all aspects of a cyber breaches with industry-leading expertise, to containment and recovery.

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Industry-leading Cyber Threat Intelligence

Industry-leading threat intelligence gives investigators the edge, helping understand attacker motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) attackers they use.

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24/7 Incident Response Coverage

After-hours coverage provided by the Hackbusters™ for peace of mind that you are seamlessly protected 24/7 during investigation and remediation.

Cyber Incident Response Features

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Frontline Expertise: 

From cyber espionage to crippling network attacks, the Hackbusters™ have the know-how to quickly identify what was compromised, assess the pathway to attack and remediate the breach so you can resume regular business activities.

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Rapid Response to Remediation:

Speed of response and analysis is critical to containing an incident and limiting damage. Whether for individuals or businesses, the Hackbusters™ can start work within hours and rapidly analyze your entire network for signs of malicious activity.

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Hands on Remediation Support:

Hands-on keyboard support to help you implement remediation recommendations, assuring thorough a remediation to help you get back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible, and reduce the risk of future compromise.

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Purpose-built Technology:

Purpose-built endpoint technology, network sensors, analytics platforms and more, deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Save time and money using only the technology you need with the speed and convenience of cloud accessibility.

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Crisis Management:

Incident responders have years of experience advising clients on incident-related communications — including executive communications, public relations and disclosure requirements.

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Stop cyber criminals BEFORE a ransomware attack is even launched

Many companies allow their staff to work remotely that amplifies their risk. The demand on their I.T. team is also that much higher.


Few companies have cyber specialists on staff.And, if they outsource their I.T., the MSP provider that maintains their technology may not have the time, skills, or objectivity needed to identify security flaws, understand the organization’s risk level, or help address and fix critical issues. 

Whether you are an individual or a business, see why an efficient incident response is needed.

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An Insurance Brokerage took BOXX’s Digital Health

Summer Challenge (aka the ‘Sneakers Challenge’)

We brought in security experts to perform a detailed penetration

test to assess the broker's security posture.

Types of Incidents the Hackbusters™ Commonly Investigate:

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Intellectual Property Theft


Theft of trade secrets or other
sensitive information.

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Protected Health Information (PHI)


Exposure of protected

health care information.

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Financial Crime


Payment card data theft, illicit ACH/EFT cash transfers, extortion and ransomware.

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Insider Threats


Inappropriate or unlawful activity performed by employees, vendors and other insiders.

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Personally identifiable information (PII)


Exposure of information used to
uniquely identify individuals.

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Destructive Attacks


Attacks intended to cause the victim hardship by making information or systems unrecoverable.

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