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Business owners are the engine of the economy

And we want to keep it that way.

All-in-One insurance

  • BOXX has partnered with BitSight Tech to provide members with their own cyber risk score available for mobile - the BOXX Score.


  • Cyber Security Experts to help you respond to a cyber incident 24/7 – the BOXX Hackbusters.


  • Strengthen your 'human firewall' and raise cyber security awareness for your team using our online education portal – the BOXX Academy.

You are resilient. But recent times have most likely challenged you like no other. Digital connectivity gives you the potential to unlock extraordinary knowledge, convenience and enjoyment but it comes with additional threats. We can help you protect against the challenges and realise the opportunities ahead.

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Making it easy to boost your Firm’s Digital Resilience

We have created an all-in-one cyber insurance product to help business owners insure and defend their business against cyber threats. Designed to help you know what you need to know now to stay ahead of threats and protect you and your business.

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Your own cyber SWAT team

ID theft, phishing, unauthorized use of credit card and bank account.

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Getting you back online

Security experts to help you recover and re-secure devices after a cyber attack.

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Coverage for privacy fines and damage

Costs of experts to help you respond to traumatic ransom demands and abuse.

Summary view of coverage

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Breach Response

with the Hackbusters™

Breach response experts will contain the cyber incident and re-secure your network if needed. No claim necessary.

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Costs to repair, replace, or restore websites or electronic data




Damages that result from malicious acts by an employee to either yours or any third-party system.

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Money wrongly transmitted or paid to a third party from a deception scheme, also known as social engineering.

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Coverage to help you manage your reputation following a cyber attack.

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Loss of


Lost profits if an incident interrupts your business operations.

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Legal &

Regulatory Costs

Legal costs due to regulatory fines or requirements to notify customers.

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Costs associated with claims against you for breach of any privacy law with respect to protection of third-party data.

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Online & Media


Protection if your online content infringes someone's IP rights, including defamation, libel, and slander.

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Costs to replace damages to your hardware, in addition to replacement and recovery of data.

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Services to Data

Breach Victims

Covers claims made on cyber incidents that occurred prior to a policy's purchase, but was not known beforehand.

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Costs of ransom negotiations and ransoms paid, brought to you by the Hackbusters.

The coverages listed above are for summary purposes only and subject to policy terms and conditions

Breach Response In Action

Our Hackbuster™ breach response service is supported by legal, public relations, and risk management experts. As a Cyberboxx™ member, you’ll talk to a member of the breach response team before you even need to file a claim.

If I already have cyber security, why do I need cyber insurance?

Even the best security can be compromised. Almost 90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error, either by sending data to the wrong person or clicking on a malicious link. 


A single data breach could cost you $3.5 million. You may be legally obligated to notify impacted customers. Hackers may also cause damage to your vendors’ or clients’ systems.

And you could be liable.


Would your business be able to survive?

* This communication provides general information on Cyberboxx’s products and services only and is not intended to be, and does not constitute, a solicitation of business. Coverages are subject to underwriting and may not be available in all provinces. The information contained herein is not a part of an insurance policy and may not be used to modify any insurance policy that might be issued. In the event the actual policy forms are inconsistent with any information provided herein, the language of the policy forms shall govern.

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