The future of your career is yours to shape.

What we do – invent today
to shape tomorrow.

We're looking for talented people who want to make our digital world safer.


We’re reimagining what it means to be digitally safe by making simple, smart and affordable cyber security and insurance  products crafted for small businesses, individuals and families.


Unlike traditional insurance, our team helps customers avoid a digital crisis as well as being there to help them respond and recover from one. Together we are centered around one goal: helping the world be digitally safer.


We’re looking for creative innovators, who share our passion and want to craft cyber security and insurance solutions that are suitable for everyone.

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CAD $17m in early stage funding

250,000 insured customers

Lloyd’s of London coverholder

At BOXX we are a group of passionate and curious people building products and  technology to increase the safety and sustainability of businesses and consumers  being online—and we're just getting started.

"BOXX is special because of the amazing people that work here. My mentors and role models really support and inspire me to grow everyday."
Alex Tomaszewski
Head of Brand & Digital

Our cultural philosophies

While each office has its own culture, we all come together around a set of philosophies for how we work together, tackle challenges, and grow our business.


If these ideas resonate with you, BOXX might be a great fit.

We want to work with hugely capable teammates who are deeply passionate about being with BOXX, what we are trying to accomplish, and the team they are joining.

We always
play to win

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We want people to treat others the way we’d all want to be treated in their position I.e. customers, partners and teammates 

We live in the shoes of our customers

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Building value to our customers for the long term sometimes means making some tough choices. People who succeed at BOXX are above average in GQ (grit quotient). 

We build for the long term

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Join the team building for the long term.

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For more information on how BOXX Insurance may be of value to you,

please feel free to connect with us. We're eager to help!