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For CEOs worried about unchecked security threats harming their business and their home.

BOXX’s Cyber Hygiene Specialist, Elizabeth Wu, provides detailed insight into the security of your company’s IT ecosystem using a proprietary IT Cyber-Risk Assessment method. Once complete, an IT Playbook Report will provide details of what the vulnerabilities are and where they are to be found. This information can then be immediately remediated without wasting resources. This service will give your Board and C-Suite the peace of mind that all has been taken care of in the fundamental areas where most cyber-attacks originate.

By leveraging our cyber security risk assessment services, you will gain the following:

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Provide a clear-eyed assessment of the cybersecurity threats facing your business.

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Identify hidden security vulnerabilities in your IT environment / ecosystem.

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Understand how relevant cyber threats can affect your business.

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Gain management buy-in through informed insights of your IT security gaps.

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Precise IT spending to properly protect against internal and external cyber threats.

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Elevate and increase your IT security to global industry best practice standards.

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Identify and Close Your Cyber Security Gaps with Our CEO Cyber Security Assessment Services

Our Security Threat Assessment Services at a Glance

Our CEO Security Assessment Services will identify each of the internal and external cyber security threats facing your information assets.

We’re equipped to find vulnerabilities in your network security as well as build a complete understanding of your IT system, i.e. from its systems to how it works.

Once our audit is complete, we’ll create a comprehensive security report with recommendations you can confidently present to management, hence ensuring that your IT spending decisions achieve maximum effect.

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Determine the Security Profile of every Component of your IT environment

BOXX's CEO Security Assessment Services will identify vulnerabilities in the following:

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User systems, server systems, and network

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Your on-premise and/or cloud-hosted data.

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Your internal processes and access control measures.

Let us break it down for you

Network Security Assessment

We’ll stress-test the security of your IT network and network connections (e.g. virtual private networks, hosting, etc). You can expect us to examine the security of your emails, messaging and other communications (are they managed through secure and private channels?). Our consultant will also examine the integrity of your physical IT security: we’ll assess the accessibility of your on-premise IT systems and suggest solutions (e.g. stronger access controls).

Hardware Security Assessment

Your hardware (e.g. laptops, phones and routers) are integral parts of your IT system and, potentially, attractive attack vectors for cyber criminals. We’ll examine the effectiveness of your device management efforts: + Are your company policies properly implemented? + Do you have measures to handle lost or stolen devices? + Are there gaps or problems in how you’re provisioning access to sensitive data and apps at your company? We’ll also examine the management of your workstations, laptops, servers and routers to ensure whether firewalls, up-to-date security patches and hardware-level encryption are in place.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

The cloud is an incredible asset, but it’s vital that your efforts to access, collect and process data are secure and compliant. BOXX will audit your cloud hosting to see if it’s secure in line with your industry’s standards. + We’ll alert you of gaps in compliance and/or cyber security measures; + We’ll equip you to ensure that your data hosting vendors are fully compliant and secure.

Software Security Assessment

It’s likely that a lot — if not the majority — of your productivity is done through software. However, like your communications and hosting, it’s vital that your software is secure. Software Asset Management: We’ll audit the security of your off-the-shelf software by ensuring that your licenses are compliant with original vendor requirements. We’ll also evaluate your software assets to see if they’re up-to-date in terms of builds and/or security patches. Applications & Databases: BOXX will assess how well your front-end apps fare against current and emerging cyber security threats. Specific tasks include gauging the integrity of your databases in terms of technology (e.g. encryption) and processes (e.g. access control to restrict access to the data and administrator rights). We’ll also help you build a deep insight into the vulnerabilities of your client-facing apps so that you understand how to best close gaps and prevent problems from occurring down the road.

Assess Internal Processes

BOXX will also examine your administrative, physical and technical safeguards. We’ll assess your identity management efforts, access control processes and segmentation (i.e. see how you’re limiting access to data, suggest improvements). Overall, we’ll seek out cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your network environment due to inadvertant or deliberate user security breaches. One component of this is to understand the cyber security awareness of your employees.

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