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We know that cyber insurance policies can be confusing.


Join Neal Jardine, Global Risk Intelligence and Claims Director, as we explore the inner workings of a cyber insurance policy from common terms you’ll find and to available coverages. We’ll walk through the most common cyber attacks and how coverages and cyber security awareness can be used to protect clients.

THIS WEBINAR IS INTENDED FOR CANADIAN AUDIENCES. The Course “Cyber Policy Walkthrough: A Detailed Look Inside the Wording – Webinar” is RIBO accredited for 1 hour.

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Neal Jardine combined a decade of commercial insurance adjusting skills with his Bachelor of Computer Science degree to become a leader in executing best practices in cyber risk management, post-cyber attack mitigation and cyber claim management.

He is a recognised leader internationally, in the complexities of responding to cyber attacks including ransomware negotiation, privacy breach and data loss. Neal has adjusted insured and uninsured losses arising from over 300 cyber attacks and breaches internationally, including Asia, United States, Canada and Europe. A recognised expert he has presented to brokers, businesses and insurers on issues related to cyber insurance and cyber risk management, assisting a wide range of industries, in their understanding of pre and post loss management and response to cyber events.