Protect your family and home from digital threats today..

Keeping your family digitally safe is one less thing you need to worry about thanks to award-winning protection from BOXX Insurance.

Home Cyber insurance  

for digital crime and threats targeting you and your household. Protecting what’s important today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Making it easy to be insured.

Your home’s digital walls are easily permeable. Let one of our partners help you insure and protect you

You make choices every day to make the world safer for you and your loved ones. As we increasingly work, play and study online, did you know the biggest risks are now digital? More attacks are targeting individuals and families. As a leader in cyber insurance, we are here to help you protect you and your family and do it well.

Do you need Cyberboxx: Home Edition Insurance? 

Do you shop online?


Do your children use the internet for online play or education?


• Have you installed connected IoT devices such as home security?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you and loved ones are at risk from a range of cyber threats

* Subject to policy deductible and terms and conditions. Cyberboxx Home Edition insurance is provided by BOXX Insurance and underwritten by HSB Canada, part of Munich Re.  HSB Canada’s legal entity is Boiler Inspection Company of Canada. Policy terms, conditions and exclusion apply.

Crafted for individuals and families

We make home cyber and data insurance simple

Helping you respond and recover from a cyber incident.

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Protect your financial wellness

Bringing you Equifax’s premier online monitoring.

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Protect your home and devices

Here are questions every person needs to ask to help ensure against a cyber threat.

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Protect your family & loved ones

Insuring you against cyber extortion, online fraud and cyberbullying.

Really? Cyber insurance that also helps you prevent crippling claims    

It’s now easy to have coverage and expertise you may need to
stay ahead of threats and protect you and your loved ones from attacks.

* Subject to policy deductible and terms and conditions.

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