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You keep you and your loved ones safe and secure

And we want to keep it that way.

All-in-One insurance


  • Cyber Security Experts to help you respond to a cyber incident – BOXX Hackbusters


  • Reimburse costs of online fraud, extortion, and cyberbulling up to the policy limit

You are resilient. But recent times have most likely challenged you like no other. Digital connectivity gives you the potential to unlock extraordinary knowledge, convenience and enjoyment but it comes with additional threats. We can help you protect against the challenges and realise the opportunities ahead.

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Insurance coverage designed for you

We have created an all-in-one cyber insurance product to help individuals and families both insure and defend themselves against cyber threats.

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Online Fraud (Beyond ID Theft)

ID theft, phishing, unauthorized use of credit card and bank account.

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Getting you back online

Security experts to help you recover and re-secure devices after a cyber attack.

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Cyber extortion & bullying

Costs of experts to help you respond to traumatic ransom demands and abuse.

Summary view of coverage

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Breach Response

with the Hackbusters™

Breach response experts will help you contain the cyber incident and re-secure your network if needed.

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Costs to repair, replace, or restore personal electronic data as a result of a cyber attack.




Costs to repair, replace, or restore IOT devices as a result of a cyber attack.

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Costs to repair, replace, or restore personal systems as a result of a cyber attack.

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Covers losses resulting from cyberbullying, including professional cybersecurity consultation and cyber trauma costs resulting from cyberbullying.

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Loss of money wrongly transmitted or paid to a third party from an online scam, also known as social engineering.



Direct financial loss to an Insured caused by identity theft.

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Professional assistance to respond to a ransomware attack and payment of ransom when approved up to the sublimit.




Forensic Costs associated with data breach involving Personally Identifiable Information.

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Legal review costs due to a Data Breach involving Personally Identifiable Information.

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Services to Data

Breach Victims

Costs of services to Affected individuals including I.D. restoration management and additional services.




Costs to provide notification of a Data Breach to Affected Individuals

The coverages listed above are for summary purposes only and subject to policy terms and conditions

Important Information:

No one can prevent all cybercrime or prevent all identity theft. These days, identity theft protection, security tools and cyber insurance are important ways to help protect your family’s digital safety and financial wellness. Online fraud and compromised credentials can cost you money, heartache and time and you may need experts to help you respond and recover and clear your good name.


  • Cyberboxx Home Edition is eligible for non-commercial household use only.

  • Membership is billed annually. The price is subject to change and subject to terms and conditions.

  • Your plan may include product, service and/or protection updates and features that may be added, modified or removed. Special offer(s) may expire at any time at BOXX Insurance’s discretion.

  • If your plan includes credit monitoring features with Equifax  ("Equifax"), your identity must be successfully verified with Equifax; and Equifax must be able to locate your credit file and it must contain sufficient credit history information. If either of the foregoing requirements are not met you will not receive credit monitoring features. 

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