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Boost your security affordably with Managed Security Services from Security Specialists

Many smaller businesses do not have full-time, qualified cyber security professionals on the team. Now imagine if your I.T. team was backed by a team of cyber security experts, ready to protect your network environment 24/7/365. The Hackbusters™ are here to help. 

Making it simple to boost your cyber resilience.

Managed Firewall Services (MSS) is delivered by our Hackbusters Security Operations team. It is a custom fit for size and is designed to reduce the burden of smaller firms having to manage cybersecurity on their own or invest in costly hardware. The core benefits of the Managed Firewall Services include monitoring for threats and abnormal activity; alerting the appropriate parties of a potential incident; incident handling, and which can take the form of isolating segments of a network or malware excision.

Today's evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive security.


Hackbusters™ services include industry-leading tools, technologies, and expertise to help defend and secure your information assets 24/7. At a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.

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Your Network Perimeter

We specialize in working with entities that may be small in size but face significant threats.

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Addressing Compliance and
Vendor Requirements

Readying an organization to meet compliance or vendor requirements can be a challenge, especially for smaller firms that justify the expense of in-house resources.

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Security and

Business Needs 

Existing I.T. staff sometimes have to put on the "security hat" to fill the resource gap. When using BOXX’s Hackbusters and MFS, we can help your I.T. team focus on what the business needs.

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Security Experts

Our Security Operations team help strengthen your security stance. You only pay for the expertise you need.

By combining advanced perimeter defence  technology with human expertise, our MFS provides the core functions necessary to respond to the evolving threat landscape, including:

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Continuous monitoring for threats and any abnormal activity is an essential part of our MFS that reduces the time it takes to detect and respond to threats, ensuring your company’s sensitive data is protected at all hours. 

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Threats are filtered through our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) for live agent analysis and remediation. Our Hackbusters will provide alerts, equipping your business with information it needs to react and respond to potential breaches. 

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Dedicated SOC Operating 24/7: 

Our experienced team will establish a plan for containing and eradicating threats, which may include isolating segments of a network or malware removal and mitigation, allowing your company seamless recovery to get back to business faster. 

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Additional Services:

In addition to our core features, we also offer additional services that allow us to customize a solution based on your specific business needs and goals. We want your organization to succeed and to be cyber secure.

More Plug-and-Play Services for your

Cyberboxx: Business Edition Membership:

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Your Digital Health Tracker

BOXX Mobile, powered by Bitsight, makes it easy to gain deep, risk contextualized insight.

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Back-Ups And Data Recovery

Costs of experts to help you respond to traumatic ransom demands and abuse.

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Employee Cyber Training

Designed to protect you and your employees from digital crime and threats targeting your business.

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