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 Insure your transportation firm and fleet against
cyber threats for the cost of a dollar a day per truck.

The transportation industry is the vital lifeline between producers and consumers when it comes to everything—from gasoline to gallons of milk. Hackers know this. Transportation companies of all sizes are being targeted by cybercrime. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the costs increasingly fatal.


If the worst happens to your transportation business, how would you respond? Would you be able to cover the costs of a hack? That’s where Cyberboxx™ steps in.

We Can Help.

Cyberboxx™ provides your business with comprehensive cyber and data insurance coverage. In one affordable package, members benefit from coverage that includes:

The cost of breach response security specialists, lawyers and breach coaches available on speed-dial 24/7.

  • Coverage for third party fines and penalties, ransomware attacks, lost profits and more—including coverage for working at home.

  • Accredited cybersecurity e-training that may count towards professional development credits.

  • Options to boost your security with add-on managed security services and managed data back-up services.

Subject to policy terms and conditions.

We know you lead a busy life, so we make getting started as easy as possible. Click 'GET A QUOTE' and complete the short application form and online payment. The payment options are outlined in the application form. For any questions, please reach out to

If you don’t have cyber insurance, could you afford being hit?
Financial Loss resulting from financial fraud
Cyber ransom attack resulting in operations being shutdown and related costs to restore operations
Business Interruption loss due to business systems being unavailable (e.g. a malware attack)

Source: BOXX team analysis, Ponemon 2019. 


Directors Personal Cyber – We cover you at home and work


Cyberboxx business insurance $250,000 personal cyber coverage for directors of the business to help them respond and recover from a cyber attack at home. 

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