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The world wide web is becoming every child’s favourite playground. With more kids accessing the internet via different devices, they are quickly learning and growing more each day. When used appropriately the cyber world can be your child’s portal to achieve great things. While every parent wants their child to have access to the latest and best information, they also know that safety is important.

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Raise your family's cyber security awareness.

BOXX Academy's 'Online Safety for Kids' is designed to help Cyberboxx™: Home Edition members reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack happening in their household. The Academy combines videos and fun interactive material to help keep cyber security front of mind for children. 

Featured Topics include:

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  • Common Threats

  • Cyberbullying

  • Malware & Macro Viruses

  • Mobile Phone Safety

  • Online Scams

  • Privacy

  • Social Media Security

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Video Games

  • And much more! 

Learning is not limited to children alone. It is important for parents to know what is out there. With the launch of new apps and social media sites, children are exposed to new things – things with the potential to make or break them. As parents it is best to stay fortified with all the information there is know about emerging threats, the latest school yard jargon and ways to deal with issues that emerge as a result of cyber behavior.

Details on how to access 'Online Safety for Kids with the BOXX Academy' are included in the documents provided to new or renewing Cyberboxx™: Home Edition members.

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