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BOXX makes it simple to achieve your acquisition and loyalty goals by helping your clients close their cyber gap

By including cyber protection with your core products, we complement your core proposition and brand, deepen your customer engagement and add new and repeatable revenue streams.

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Cyberboxx™: Business Edition

In an increasingly connected business world with more questions than answers, we can help you build client confidence , no matter what lies ahead.

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Cyberboxx™: Home Edition

We can help you insure personal clients from digital threats that can impact their personal, emotional and financial well-being. All from the comfort of their homes.

Customize your own Cyberboxx solutions


Our Platform

Our Cyberboxx plans enable insurers, agents, brokers, affinity partners and groups help clients protect themselves from cyber threats and transform how insurance can achieve bigger goals.


Our Insurance

We know how to meet customer's changing expectations. We work with our partners to provide innovative coverage that address your customers and employees’ needs.

Join our mission to help people and businesses live a safer digital lifestyle

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Here are some example of industries we partner with

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Your customers already know and trust you. Now deepen those relationships by providing them with services to protect them from cyber threats, from online fraud, to cyber ransom and cyberbullying.

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Offer more products without taking on more risk. Leverage the brand equity you’ve built up simply by providing a broader range of products and become a one-stop-shop for customers.

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Retailers and E-Commerce

Help your customers protect their purchases by adding insurance at checkout. By connecting to our APIs, we make the process very simple.

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Mobile Phone Operators and Telcos

We help you to offer value-add products at just the right time. Offer device and user protection from cyber threats at the point of sale, online or instore.

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Professional Services

We offer a range of modern, complementary products to add protection to your customer journeys, providing more peace of mind for your customers and their finances.

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Supply Risk Management

We help Enterprise customers boost a vital component of their supply risk management strategy and providing value-add protection products and support for suppliers – whether that’s adding more value to a customer care programme or simply protecting a new purchase.

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Super Apps

As a popular digital destination, maximise your regular customer interactions and expand your user’s experience with a digital insurance offering. Our customer journeys are as quick and easy as your own.

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Everyone Else

If you can’t find your industry, don’t worry. We can help any kind of business “just add Cyberboxx”.

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We build relationships that achieve exceptional results for you.

Hear from our partners

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Partnering with BOXX has helped give our client’s customers an insightful view of their digital health through one single platform.  This has allowed BOXX to maintain its strength in the industry.


Matt Carter

CEO, Cognitive Risk

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