We enable our partners to avail of our products and services simply and at speed.

Achieve bigger goals. Cybersecurity & insurance benefits to help your clients stay ahead of cyber threats.

Our plans enable insurers, agents, and affinity partners
to protect clients from digital harm.

Our Technology

1. Customer-led Design

The BOXX platform makes cyber simple.


Our insurtech architecture is built to make it simple to add or embed our cyber protection solutions. Leverage our technology to make it easy for customers to protect themselves with plans fit for their needs and lifestyle.

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Our design works starts with the customer and the way you serve them. From acquisition to servicing, claims to renewals, our white-label tools are designed to create a better customer experience.

2. Any Channel, Anytime

Whether you sell at point of sale, in a store or a branch or online, BOXX can serve your clients with products suited for each channel.

3. API and Smart Connections

We’ve designed our IT architecture to give you unrivalled ease and speed to market. Whether embedding Cyberboxx insurance or services to your business or consumer clients, we help you to launch fast.

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Speed and Ease

We deliver the kind of scalability, speed and operability you demand of yourselves. Our technology is architected to take full advantage of the cloud.

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Your Logo and Brand

Our products and services are designed and crafted to fit with your brand.

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Innovation & Design

From design to prototyping new product concepts and services, our team can help you design, build and deliver on your goals.

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Better Outcomes

Our platform and services can unlock new data insights on your customers. Our analytical capabilities are continuously evolving to drive deeper customer insights and better business outcomes for you and your clients.

Our In-the BOXX products for consumers and businesses.

Our plug and play products and services can be integrated swiftly and create unique value to your customers.

Here’s a showcase of some of our products.

Digital Health Check, our proprietary diagnostic tools

As part of our all our protection plans, all partners can avail of our Digital Health Check, a suite of remote diagnostic tools and services to help your clients understand their digital health and cyber risk exposures.  Using powerful AI, the security rating can spot weak access points, the self diagnostic tools can help clients understand the threats their business may be exposed to and the education modules can help clients understand how to spot threats.

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Cyberboxx Home Edition protection for connected homes

From tablets and smartphones to wearables, speakers, and other smart home devices, Cyberboxx Home Edition insures customers from hacks to their home devices and more. Our onboarding platform enables faster onboarding and easier claims.

Cyberboxx Business Edition protection for everyday businesses

Aimed at our small to medium sized businesses, our unique platform allows you to just add insurance, bundling protection and insurance at the checkout in less than 5 minutes. This fast, secure, out-of-the-box e-commerce platform includes an API integration for more customised e-commerce platforms.

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