An Insurance Brokerage took BOXX’s Digital Health Summer Challenge (aka the ‘Sneakers Challenge’)

Do you remember 'Sneakers' released in 1992? Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, Mary McDonnell. Redford heads a group of cyber experts who specialize in testing security systems by trying to break into them.

I watched it again recently. It made me think about how many of BOXX's broker partners know how digitally secure their firms are. We asked one of BOXX’s partner brokers to take our Digital Health Summer Challenge and allow professional hackers to see how easy it was to break into their network.

Why Summer? You may be taking a vacation, but we can promise you, hackers are not. In fact, many hackers wait for times like these when I.T. teams are likely to be short staffed.  In addition, as many employees are working remotely, or simply checking-in from their vacation, potential security pitfalls loom all around.

Results from our first BOXX Broker's Digital Health Challenge

We brought in security experts, Digital Boundary Group (DBG), to perform a detailed penetration test to assess the broker's security posture.

A pen test helps you understand what could happen if a hacker was to target you, as well as how they would do so, and the ease with which they could succeed.

Here are the high-level findings from the test conducted by Digital Boundary Group:

Should your firm test their Digital Health?

For the same reason you go to a healthcare provider for an annual wellness check, it makes sense to turn to highly-trained security consultants to check out your security.

A brokerage that does not take cybersecurity seriously exposes their firm to both financially motivated scams and damages and fines for failing to protect their client and employee data in the event of a cyber breach.

And the risks are getting bigger.

Many brokerages allow their staff to work remotely that amplifies their risk.  The demand on your I.T. team is also that much higher. Few companies have cyber specialists on staff.And, if you outsource your I.T., the MSP provider that maintains your technology may not have the time, skills, or objectivity needed to identify security flaws, understand your organization’s risk level, or help address and fix critical issues. 

“Money's most powerful ability is to allow bad people to continue doing bad things at the expense of those who don't have it.” - Ben Kingsley in Sneakers

To learn more about Penetration Testing for your firm, please contact me:

Vishal Kundi

CEO & Co-Founder of BOXX Insurance Inc.