Don’t be fooled, Phishing is no joke …

We recently conducted a test to highlight the threats of spear phishing. We did this to show how easy it is to be tricked by a phishing email, and why we all have to remind ourselves ever day to be extra vigilant.

33% OF OUR BROKER READERS FELL FOR THE SCAM of the people who opened the simulated spear phishing email, 33% clicked through to the fake "attack" website.

This is what spear phishing criminals do every day - impersonate a trusted brand to try and get you to go to sites that you should avoid, download viruses, or give away your passwords.


We see the crippling costs that a Spear phishing attack can lead to, especially for insurance brokers that handle sensitive data and have earned the trust of high-value customers - high-value targets in the eyes of criminals.

BOXX is collaborating with MonkPhish, who have built a fun Phish training/gaming platform designed for businesses like yours.

Teams, be they onsite or working remotely, can train themselves by sending each other spear phishing emails like this one. They become better at spotting suspicious emails and avoiding spear phishing attacks. Most importantly, they have fun while learning!

As part of our partnership with MonkPhish, BOXX brokers qualify for preferred rates with pricing starting as low as from $5.50 per month for companies with 20 employees or less.

Click here to find out more about MonkPhish.

Wishing you a Phish-free rest of the year.