No Masking the Excitement. Is it time for our children to return from digital exile?

This is Samosa, our new puppy. More on him later.

There’s no masking the excitement. It may soon be safe enough to release the kids from their digital exile.  This process is going to be harder than it sounds and there may be a few back-and-forths.

The pandemic has definitely led to many children over dosing on digital games and online amusement.

My children’s screen time during the pandemic has been surging by 100%, putting screen time - for the mini-Kundis - between four and five hours per day!  

My wife and I are on a mission to get this back in line this month with 3 guiding principles below:

1. Do better at keeping to family routines

To try harder to enforce structure around non digital recreational time, mealtimes and family chores.

2. Bring back Playdates

Social distancing no longer means social isolation. To organize more playdates with friends in parks, beaches or other open places. If it’s still to early for some parents, we will allow extra time on Zoom or similar – no online games allowed though.

3. Get outdoors more

Everyone has to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise a day to boost our happy feelings. To support this goal, we welcomed Samosa (pictured) into our family.

Final point: 4. Try and role model more balanced digital habits

Role model the three principles above.  My average screen time is 12-14 hours! I will do my best to follow these guidelines too.

Blog written by Vishal Kundi,

CEO & Co-Found of BOXX Insurance Inc.