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Protecting our Canadian Front-line Health Providers

A message from BOXX Insurance:

Specialist cyber insurer, BOXX Insurance, steps up to protect our Canadian front-line health provide​rs and keep them cyber healthy.

The number of cyber attacks on health care institutions has jumped – reportedly up by 475% in one month - which is limiting their ability to lead the fight against COVID 19 and help those most at need.  

With this in mind, BOXX is offering front line health-care providers and their insurance advisors a free cyber security health-check with our security experts, known as the Hackbusters. We are also giving health-care organizations access to BOXX’s online cyber awareness training for their employees. With so many health-workers working remotely and using their own devices, it’s vital they know how to spot cyber threats as they are often the point of entry for attacks.

Cyberboxx’s insurance coverage also includes an enhanced ‘work from home’ package to cover medical staff having to work remotely and use their personal devices to work. In case of emergency, coverage includes 24/7 access to BOXX’s Emergency Incident response team based in Toronto.


Thank you to our heroes on the front lines, risking it all day in and day out, working tirelessly for our health and safety.

To learn more: please contact the team at

Download the PDF here:


For more information, please feel free to contact the following members of the BOXX team:

Vishal Kundi:

Michelle Diniz:

Chris Masaki:

Mike Senechal:

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