Helping you insure and defend against cyber threats.

These days, there is more reliance on digital connectivity than ever before. What does that mean for you at work and at home? Before we can get to the answer, we have a question for you: what’s most important to you? Understanding this is the first step to helping you protect and grow what’s valuable to you against digital threats.

Cyber insurance for work and home that kills complexity and builds confidence.

Cyberboxx™ Business and Home Edition were designed with a simple mission – to help protect what’s really important to you. We do this in four step approach:

Predict. Prevent. Respond. Recover.


of families worry about digital threats harming their household.


of cyber attacks on businesses cause crippling damage.

Cyberboxx | Website - Body Business Edit

Business Cyber insurance

designed to protect you and your employees from digital crime and threats targeting your business.

Crafted for entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.

Cyberboxx | Website - Body Home Edition.

Crafted for individuals and families
for their household devices.

Home Cyber insurance

for digital crime and threats targeting you and your household. Protecting what’s important today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Building confidence simply. Cyber attacks happen.

But you don’t’ have them get in the way of pursuing what matters most to you

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