Whether for your family, your business or yourself - our priority is to deliver solutions that are designed to keep you digitally safe and healthy.

Learn about the many services that

Cyberboxx™ offers its members

Cyberboxx™ is changing the way you manage cyber risk. Unlike other cyber insurance policies, Cyberboxx™ not only provides you with the dollars and expertise to respond to a cyber breach, we help you predict and prevent your chance of being hacked

For Individuals and Families

Beyond Insurance

Let's help you uncover new opportunities in the digital world safely and securely.

Cyber insurance that boosts your digital safety. It's that simple!

Here are services we include with our Insurance:

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For Companies and Organizations

Workplace Solutions

We collaborate with partners to help you create a more secure workplace and address your most important security challenges.

Select your add-ons to boost your digital health. It's that simple!

Here is what we offer:

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Try our new Virtual CISO service for your business

At BOXX we provide enterprise grade expertise and solutions to protect your business - and its most important assets - from cyber threats and crimes. Think of us as your pre-packaged, virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), that works 24/7 to make sure you are, and remain, cyber secure. 

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Building confidence simply. Cyber attacks happen.

But you don’t have to let them get in the way of pursuing what matters most to you.

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