Virtual CISO
powered by The Hackbusters™

At BOXX we provide enterprise grade expertise and solutions to protect your business - and its most important assets - from cyber threats and crimes. Think of us as your pre-packaged, virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), that works 24/7 to make sure you are, and remain, cyber secure. 


Our role is to make cybersecurity simpler for your organization.  Seasoned security experts from BOXX provide the expertise to detect and prevent cyberattacks and enable your team to deliver on core business objectives. We work with you to define, understand and align your security goals with your business objectives and find precise, cost-effective solutions. 


The Hackbusters team provides everything you need “out of the boxx” to protect you from ransomware and other cyber threats with constant monitoring.  

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Welcome to your new, cost-effective 
cyber security department

No capital outlay. Security fit for size. 24/7 protection.

How does the vCISO model work?

vCISO, powered by Hackbusters, follows a 4 step approach. While the specifics of each engagement(s) will vary based on the needs of your business, our proven approach provides the foundations for establishing, maintaining, and maturing your Cybersecurity posture: 


Assessing Cybersecurity Risks

Our vCISO experts invest time and effort in developing an understanding of your current Cybersecurity capabilities relative to accepted industry standards and best practices. The assessment phase allows the vCISO to identify any potential gaps or vulnerabilities in your current Cybersecurity infrastructure and activities. 


Prioritizing Cybersecurity Gaps 

Once the assessment phase concludes, the vCISO prioritizes the gaps identified based on their urgency. Working with both internal and external stakeholders as necessary, we help you prioritize the remediation of the Cyber risks posed by the identified gaps. 


Developing Cybersecurity Strategic Roadmap 

Based on the prioritized gap analysis, the vCISO develops a Cybersecurity strategic roadmap that identifies capability improvements over the short, middle, and long-term.  


Implementing Cybersecurity Programs

With the strategic roadmap as a foundational basis, the vCISO helps develop a comprehensive Cybersecurity implementation plan and arranges for the deployment and configuration of your new enhanced cyber security support services. 

“That’s why I really enjoy working with cyber insurers like BOXX. You don’t just buy a policy and then never hear anything until a bomb goes off and you have a major claim. They play a major role in helping you with the risk management side of things to help avoid a cyber incident to begin with.”

- Nancy Mills, Hubbard Insurance Group

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