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Strengthen your 'human firewall' and raise
cyber security awareness for your team.

Together we can reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack through employee training. The modules below combine videos and interactive material, as well as refresher modules, to help keep cyber security front of mind. 

Please review our complimentary employee cyber training modules below.

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Employee Digital Safety

Online services are used by most of us for business and personal use. Understand the risks you face and sensible precautions to help keep you safe online.

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Managing Online Risks

When spending an increased amount of time online, it is important to understand what the online risks are and what you can do to avoid being successfully attacked. 

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Protecting Sensitive Data

Information is precious and critical to both individuals and organizations and needs to be protected.

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Working From Home

Devices provide access to information and services whenever we need. Understand the possible risks and how to keep protected to limit unauthorized access to devices and information.

Want access to our full BOXX Academy suite?

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