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Welcome to the BOXX Academy! 

The BOXX Academy reduces the chances of a cyber attack through employee awareness training. 


With over 90% of all breaches caused by human error, training and empowering your employees to become the first line of defence against cyber attacks is crucial. 

Benefit from our suite of services that are specially designed to provide the right combination services and support.

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A suite of integrated and ongoing services provides a turnkey solution that allows for rapid integration into your IT environment. Services include:

  • Ready to implement comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training

  • Simulated phishing attacks to test employee knowledge

  • Real-time dark web intelligence tools that hunt for leaked credentials

  • Track and measure performance using regular reports that demonstrate the overall cybersecurity posture of your employees

What's included:

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Train Employees

Receive access to online self-paced user cybersecurity training and reference material on the latest cyber threats.

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Detect Compromised Credentials

Leading edge detection tools hunt the dark web for stolen or leaked credentials and report back when detected.

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Test Employees with Targeted Simulated Phishing

Simulate common phishing threats to test employees. Use the results to bolster training and improve knowledge.

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Turnkey Implementation

Receive all the software, licensing, installation and operations required to deliver the services.

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